EMV Certified

Effective October 2015, a consortium of payment processors mandated the use of EMV technology by all merchants. Merchants that don’t implement EMV payment technology are subject to chargeback liability for fraudulent credit card use at their point of purchase. Please visit Visa for more information about the liability shift.

What can SoftTouch EMV certification do for you?

Enter Tips After Check-Out

SoftTouch POS EMV integration supports tip adjust, so you can enter tips after your guests have checked out. Not all EMV processing platforms support tip adjust. Be sure to check with your merchant services provider for compatibility.

Increased Guest Confidence

Guests are increasingly concerned about their credit card safety and whether or not merchants are taking the necessary precautions to safeguard their personal information. SoftTouch POS solutions are validated as safe and secure by the Payment Card Industry. That means both you and your guests can rest assured data is safe.

Your payment security is our concern.

Best in class.

EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) is the global standard for protecting against credit card fraud utilizing embedded chips. Unlike traditional swipe credit cards, EMV chip cards request a unique transaction ID from credit card merchants every time the chip card is used. This makes it nearly impossible for fraudulent activity to occur from duplicating and skimming cards. SoftTouch was among the first POS developers to implement a comprehensive EMV integration. Moreover, through partner agreements, we proudly offer an offline processing solution for EMV enabled merchants.

Choose SoftTouch POS, an EMV certified POS system, to keep you safe from in-store card fraud liability. Learn more about our highly secure, EMV certified POS system.

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