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Cloud services are managed in a highly secure virtual environment with power and internet redundancy for accessibility any time, anywhere. Read more about our virtual environment.


What can SoftTouch cloud services do for you?


The SMS notifications feature allows the SoftTouch POS system to communicate with personal mobile devices capable of receiving text messages. This cloud-based subscription can be activated for customer paging or targeted alerts directed to management and wait staff. It can also be used in the more comprehensive INFORM solution.

Address Auto-Fill

Address auto-fill is a must-have solution for efficient delivery operations. As the customer address is entered for the first time, the popup list shows ideal address matches for one-click selection, potentially saving thousands of keystrokes a day while improving accuracy significantly. Addresses are sourced from Google Places to provide a current and accurate database.

Multi-Store Loyalty & Gift Card

SoftTouch multi-store solutions begin with a cloud-based customer database. This allows all locations of a brand group to access and manage a common customer list. Loyalty visits and points are captured and redeemed across multiple locations. Gift cards work similarly to provide customers with spending power throughout the brand.

More cloud.

cloud services

  • Address auto-fill
  • SMS alerts & notifications
  • Multi-store loyalty & gift cards

point of sale

Some features above may require additional hardware or software.

SoftTouch cloud services integrate with SoftTouch POS.

Our adaptable development methodology allows us to keep current with ever-changing consumer dining preferences.  Where others struggle to maintain modernity, our passion for innovation catapults SoftTouch to the forefront of emerging technology.


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