DineBlast Mobile

DineBlast Mobile is a shining achievement in next-generation POS solutions. This personal mobile app empowers your customers to open a guest check, place an order, and process payment right from their table without ever speaking to the wait staff. Best of all, there’s no capital equipment costs because the customer uses their own mobile device.

Guests place orders directly from their own mobile devices.

DineBlast Mobile is great for table service, counter service, and curbside ordering. DineBlast Mobile for Stadium is the perfect solution for concessions and in-seat ordering.

All new interface design coming soon!

What can DineBlast Mobile do for you?


Wide Compatibility

DineBlast Mobile customer-facing ordering solution is compatible with virtually any iOS or Android Wi-Fi device including mobile phones, tablets, and notebook computers.


Bust QSR Lines

Never has there been a more cost-effective approach to line busting. Reduce labor costs while improving business efficiency with DineBlast Mobile.


Labor Cost Savings

With customers self-ordering and self-paying, your servers will be able to manage more tables at once, while still keeping a smile on customers' faces. Labor costs will be reduced and tables will turn faster than ever.



We incorporate unparalleled security features to ensure privacy and protection for customers and establishments. All data transmissions are encrypted and anti-vandalism features protect against malicious activity.

More great features.


  • Intuitive customer interface
  • Seamless POS integration
  • PCI-DSS compliant


  • Custom messaging
  • Page your server
  • Request drink refills

even more

  • Mandatory tipping
  • Separate checks
  • Make payment
  • Administer surveys

Some features above may require additional hardware or software.

DineBlast Mobile works exclusively with SoftTouch POS.

Our adaptable development methodology allows us to keep current with ever-changing consumer dining preferences.  Where others struggle to maintain modernity, our passion for innovation catapults SoftTouch to the forefront of emerging technology.


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