Pizza & Subs

SoftTouch combines the best of purpose-built delivery and takeout systems with comprehensive POS functionality to effectively manage your business. Let SoftTouch empower your business growth.

Delivery mapping

With delivery mapping your drivers will have the most efficient routes at their fingertips. Faster delivery means less time wasted and more sales per shift.

Online ordering integration

DineBlast Online Ordering instantly transforms your POS configuration into an online ordering system. Real-time menu changes. No additional transaction fees.

SoftTouch POS includes automated POS delivery boundaries.

Delivery boundaries

SoftTouch POS for pizza and sub shops allows you to set delivery boundaries with an upcharge delivery fee. Keep your delivery fees consistent every time with this automated feature.

SoftTouch POS Caller ID Integration

Caller ID integration

Reduce your time on the phone taking orders with caller ID integration. Simply validate the call-back number that is attached to the order. Be a customer service stand-out: learn repeat guests' numbers and address them by name when answering the phone.

More great features.

system modes

  • Takeout and delivery
  • Table service


  • Delivery mapping
  • Address auto-fill
  • Delivery boundaries with upcharge delivery fee
  • Caller ID integration
  • Driver management console

even more

  • Online ordering integration
  • Recurring orders & last order recall
  • Kiosk ordering
  • Mobile ordering
  • Label printer integration

Some features above may require additional hardware or software.

What does POS mean to your business?

Can you afford downtime?

SoftTouch POS is built on the principals of mission-critical application architecture. Our products and solutions are designed to keep your business running without service interruption.

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