Wireless table-top pushbutton units empower guests to request drink refills, guest checks, and general assistance.

What can SoftCall do for you?

Escalation Workflow

SoftCall will push escalations to management with your specified timeframe when guest requests have not been fulfilled.

Happier Customers

Give your customers privacy yet speedy service with SoftCall. Let guests tell you when they’re ready for more drinks, the bill, or need general assistance.

Faster Service

Integrate with our SoftHost table management system and customers will never be left waiting for their first table greet again. Servers will be notified when their table has been sat. Less time waiting means faster service and more table turns.

More great features.

3 call buttons

  • Request drink refills
  • Request guest checks
  • Request general assistance


  • Text messages sent to server via pager
  • Integrated with SoftTouch INFORM paging and analytics
  • Escalation alerts for slow server response

Some features above may require additional hardware or software.

SoftCall works exclusively with SoftTouch POS.

Our adaptable development methodology allows us to keep current with ever-changing consumer dining preferences.  Where others struggle to maintain modernity, our passion for innovation catapults SoftTouch to the forefront of emerging technology. Learn more about SoftTouch POS.

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