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Restaurant Point of Sale Features

SoftTouch POS is the restaurant industry's first choice for a feature-rich POS system

SoftTouch POS is the most versatile, feature-rich POS on the market today. 


Speed, convenience, and ease-of-use. SoftTouch POS has wide capabilities to keep your restaurant’s FOH operations running smoothly.



  • BUS Mode – BUS mode changes the color of tables or seats to green after they have been cashed out. This lets hostess staff know the table will be available soon.
  • Pick Up by Bar – The POS pick up by bar code notifies cashiers to pick up waiting guests at the bar.
  • Table Management – Custom floor plans, paging, table status notifications, reservations, and more. SmartHost has it all to put your table management on auto pilot.


  • Flex Pricing for Specials – It’s easy to set unlimited schedules for price charges and changes for menu specials.
  • Food Modifiers – With SoftTouch POS you can easily modify menu items. Options include pre-configured ‘add’, ‘extra’, and ‘substitute’ buttons, or you can add a change to the meal item manually.
  • Multiple Menus by Time – This feature enables multiple menus to be used in the system and set by time.


  • Quantity Ordering – Servers can quickly order multiple quantities of the same menu item with the click of a button. Servers can also quickly reorder an item or a whole check.
  • Auto-Timed Coursing – Take the manual work out of timing course ordering with this automated POS feature that also includes a “Hold & Fire” setting.
  • Custom Screen Orientation – With this POS feature each server can change the side of the screen to where s/he wants the check to appear when ringing up orders, left or right.
  • Float Orders – The float orders POS feature allows wait staff to create open tickets without assigning guests to a specific table.
  • Food Ready Alert – Keep food from dying on the line with the food alert feature. Wait staff will be alerted when the food is ready to be delivered.
  • Interface to LRS Paging System – LRS messaging systems keep operations running smoothly. Popular LRS pager solutions are easily integrated into the SoftTouch POS system.
  • Place Orders by Seats – No need to ask who got what: placing orders by seats is an especially useful POS feature for dining establishments using runners.


  • Auto Gratuity – With this POS feature it’s easy to automatically add gratuity to checks for large parties. Read our article on auto gratuity and its IRS implications.
  • Multiple Checks on Table – This POS feature quickly enables wait staff to create multiple checks for a single table.
  • Print Multiple Checks – Wait staff can print multiple checks at one time speeding up check delivery and facilitating more efficiency.
  • Split/Combine Checks – Wait staff will be happy to split and combine checks.  It’s as easy as a point-and-click.
  • Split Items – Need to split an entrée to two bills? No problem. The SoftTouch POS split items feature makes it easy to do saving your wait staff time.


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Some features above may require additional hardware or software.


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